May 1st, 2015
Our tribute to ROBERT (BOB) BENMOSCHE, Fmr. Chairman, MetLife, one of our most distinguished clients, who died this past February.
 Portrait of Robert (Bob) Benmosche

 Ann Fader and Mr. Benmoche approving his completed portrait for MetLife
Bob Benmosche approving his completed portrait for MetLife.

I count myself lucky to have met and worked with Bob for his MetLife boardroom portrait.

He was a brilliant man who came out of retirement to engineer one of the greatest financial turnarounds in American corporate history.

As The New York Times reported, “he took charge of the failed industry giant American International Group (AIG) and restored it to health after it had been rescued by American taxpayers in a $182 billion bailout. Mr. Benmosche’s salvage operation began on a sunny afternoon in Croatia in July 2009. He was enjoying another day of retirement at his home on the outskirts of Dubrovnik, with the Adriatic Sea spread out before him and his vineyard in back, when he received a desperate phone call from New York. It was the executive search committee for A.I.G.’s board. The search committee was calling Mr. Benmosche (pronounced ben-moh-SHAY), to entreat him to come out of retirement and take the helm of A.I.G.”

On a personal note, during his brief period of retirement, Bob, ever gracious, invited the artist and his wife to visit him at his home in Dubrovnik.

Cherished memories, we will miss him.