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  The Portrait Process

More than any other art form a successful portrait is the result of close, continual collaboration between the artist and the subject.
Portrait Consultants has unparalleled experience in guiding clients through each step to a treasured portrait.

Initial Meeting to Select an Artist
The process begins with an in-depth conversation to discuss the client’s portrait needs- either in the comfort of the client’s home or office, or by telephone (if more convenient). We offer this uniquely personalized service to learn about our client’s specific requirements and preferences.

Discussion will include:
-Purpose of the portrait
-Preferred painting style
-Appropriate framing
-Display requirements

Portrait Sittings
Once the artist has been selected Ann Fader will arrange an initial meeting/sitting for the artist and the subject to get acquainted and discuss in detail the various possibilities for the portrait, which include: pose, composition/background, attire and any affects that will serve to personalize the portrait. The artist will take photographs of the subject and may do a color sketch.

Your Portrait in Progress
The artist and subject then review the photographs to refine the possibilities for the expression, pose and details for the background.
Some artists may request additional sittings as they work. Life sittings afford the artist the benefit of getting to know the subject better and afford the subject the excitement of watching his or her portrait as it develops.

If additional sittings are inconvenient, Portrait Consultants will arrange to have the artist send a photograph of the portrait in progress.
The subject is also welcome to visit the artist’s studio.

Final Sitting/Portrait Approval
Final approval of the portrait is arranged at the convenience of the subject.

Framing and Delivery
Portrait Consultants will also guide each client through the process of selecting an appropriate frame for their portrait and make all arrangements for the final delivery.

Portrait Consultants also represents portrait specialists who render:
- Masterful portrait copies

- Portraits from existing photographs

“Surpassing your portrait expectations is our promise.”


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